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Pacific Trans Environmental Services, Inc. (PTES) is a privately held hazardous waste and environmental services firm incorporated under the laws of the State of California. The Company has a 20 year history of providing environmental services to over 130 commercial and government customers throughout Southern California from its 10-day set down transfer facility in El Cajon, California.

Pacific Treatment Environmental Services, S.A. de C.V. (PTESSA) is a privately held company incorporated in 1992 under the laws of the Mexican State of Baja California. The company is a turn-key hazardous waste management and environmental services firm specializing in international shipments of hazardous wastes. PTESSA is ISO 9001 certified and operates a fully permitted TSDF in the city of Tijuana servicing over 160 maquiladora and national hazardous waste generators in the states of Baja California Norte, Baja California Sur, Sonora and Nuevo Leon. PTESSA specializes in meeting the needs of large, trans-national clients with high standards of environmental and regulatory compliance.


PTES' El Cajon, CA facility is a hazardous waste transfer station and equipment yard, which can hold packaged hazardous waste in secure cells for up to 10 days prior to shipment for recycling, treatment or disposal. The use of secure cells provides a significant safety advantage when compared to most transfer facilities which must hold waste in vehicles or trailers providing no security for the waste other than the container in which the waste is held. In addition to the security of the waste holding cells, an additional level of security and continuous monitoring of all materials are provided at the facility. Waste can be moved quickly and safely by PTES from customer generating locations and safely held at the PTES facility pending shipment to carefully selected TSDs. The primary regulatory agencies for PTES facility operations are the City of El Cajon Fire Department and the County of San Diego. The facility has had no facility violations during the twenty years of facility operation. The central location of this facility provides key advantages in allowing rapid access to a large inventory of needed personnel and equipment with minimal logistical problems.

PTESSA's Tijuana, Baja California facility is a fully permitted TSD and equipment yard. Safety and security during the temporary storage and processing of hazardous wastes are the primary concerns at the facility. This location consists of a 2,000 square meter enclosed warehouse specially built to safely store, process and bulk hazardous waste solids and liquids. PTESSA utilizes hydraulic compactors, bailers and drum crushing equipment in its facility to bulk a number of chemically-compatible solid waste streams destined for the same disposal method and site. In the same manner, PTESSA also uses high-capacity pumps to bulk waste liquid streams into tanker trucks. These processes allow PTESSA to optimize freight costs and limit the use of specialized non-bulk containers thus allowing it to maintain highly competitive prices for its waste management services. Some of PTESSA’s facility waste storage main safety features are illustrated in the picture below:


Vehicles The Company owns a large fleet of locally based vehicles and trailers available for use on customer projects and in the safe transportation of customer waste. The tractors and trailers shown at the left are used for the transportation of containerized waste products. In addition to containerized waste products, the Company handles both bulk liquid and solid waste materials. For the handling of bulk solids the Company has a large inventory of both 20 and 40-yard rolloff bins. These bins are available locally on both daily and monthly terms and often represent a very cost effective method of managing larger volumes of bulk solid waste. The Company also has end dump trailers for high-volume quick turnover bulk waste jobs. For bulk liquid waste streams, the Company uses its own stainless steel and black iron vacuum trailers.

Personnel Protective & Remediation Equipment: The Company has an extensive local inventory of personnel protective and remediation equipment for use on customer projects. This includes all equipment for work in levels A, B, C, and D, self-contained breathing apparatus, and confined space-entry equipment. Equipment for clean-up and remediation projects is in inventory and ready for both emergency and scheduled projects. The inventory includes specialized pressure washers, pumps, blowers, sorbents, and sampling equipment needed for a wide variety of remedial and emergency response projects.

Boxes & Containers: PTES has a large inventory of DOT-compliant drums, cubic yard boxes and other specialized containers at its El Cajon facility.

Personnel and Management

PTES has a staff of approximately 30 in its San Diego operations. The company is led by the daily participation of the principal who is supported by a highly qualified staff of managers.

Name Title/Specialty Years with PTES Background/Capabilities
Yale Combs President and CEO, Certified Public Accountant, Cost Analysis (Principal) 40 Business Management; Finance; Certified Public Accountant; Costing/Pricing; International Business
Michael Jeffries Vice President - General Manager 9 Business Management; Business Development; Extensive Background in Environmental and Hazardous Waste Industries
Al Montero MX General Manager and Corporate Environmental Manager 28 BS degree in chemistry for the University of CA at San Diego, Environmental Chemist and General Management
Patrick Schuster Director of Operations 13 Waste Management, Approvals; Lab Packs; Regulatory Compliance; Transportation Systems and Equipment Management
Trevor Hembera Director of Field Services and Transportation 7 Extensive Field Services; Remedial Activities, Waste Management and Emergency Response
Dave Kern CFO 17 Certified Public Accountant, Financial Management
Roger Lahr Senior Account Manager 9 Extensive Environmental Sales and Customer Service Background
Teri Torres Administrative Manager, HR Certified 17 Certified Human Resources Professional; Accounting; Safety; Payroll; Office Management

PTESSA has a staff of approximately 50 in its Tijuana and Mexicali operations.

Name Title/Specialty Years with PTES Background/Capabilities
Al Montero General Manager 28 Trans-border Business Management and US Environmental Regulations
Horacio Perez Operations and Mexico Environmental Compliance Manager 21 Mexican Environmental Regulations and Government Relations. Operations Management
Karen Curiel US Environmental Regulations Manager 13 US EPA/DOT/Customs Compliance. Waste Approvals Chemist
Karla Bibiano Customer Service and Inside Sales Manager 20 Multi-region Customer Service Management. Administrative Management of Sales Department
Ruben Verduzco Accounting Manager 16 CPA, Financial Management, Accounting Department Management
Pablo Coria, Israel Flores, Lucia Rodriguez, Carlos DaCosta Technical Sales Representatives 23, 13, 6 and 25 Extensive experience in Environmental Sales, Territory Development and Management

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